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Core Value    

Since our establishment, we’ve been persistently devoted to building our corporate culture and our development and improvement over the years, we have shaped our core values and held them as the common direction of the entire organization. These values can be summed up as the "3P Spirit" principles of Professional, Precise and Perfect as the guiding standards for our work and the "Corporate Culture Model" which acts as the corporate culture system that governs our behaviour and quality which is our most valued goal. The practice of our corporate culture is encouraged to every employee in order to enhance our shared sense of mission and responsibility, to apply our expertise and know-how to the goals of our strategies and to direct each contribution in the same direction. We know that our development and growth as a company depends on maintaining the individual vitality and enthusiasm of every single member of our team, and for that reason, we devote our efforts into the well-being of our employees so that they can be the greater driving force that propels our corporate progress.

Core Values

Value Innovation

Innovation, which is aimed at creating value for our customers and society, has always been our main goal. Innovation can be applied to a broad range of fields such as production, technology, marketing as well as management and organizational structure.

Customer Focus

Our growth is based on customer orientation. Everything we do should be aimed at meeting the needs of our customers. Being able to satisfy their requirements is what gives value to our work and the force that keeps us rising.

Sustainable Growth

Growth has become a natural part of our DNA. It must be continuous, far-reaching, sighted, and combines the requirements of the present business operations with our future long-term goals.

Social Responsibility

We should assume social responsibility as part of our business development. We have always been committed to environmental protection, energy conservation, creating job opportunities and making charitable donations. Starting from the little things, we assume responsibility in the community, city and country where we are located and give back to the communities where we do business.

3P Spirit


To be constantly improving and to be a real expert in one’s specific area of work.


To develop an attitude of accuracy and to strictly follow the rules of scientific and work procedure.


To do everything in the most optimum, efficient and effective way and with a zero-tolerance policy to oversights and errors.

Character of Our Corporate Culture

Eager to Learn

To maintain a strong learning attitude and never be complacent. To be proactive and creative in gaining more knowledge, finding new methods, learning new techniques and understanding other points of views. These attitudes will help in building us into a learning-oriented organization.


Stay positive and set goals to drive yourself to overcome difficulties to implement and achieve anything and everything.


Working continuously to improve and strengthen our business practices and focusing on building and maintaining trust, transparency and integrity. We should have the courage to confront challenges and difficulties, not pass the buck or take the easy way out.


Be indomitable, determined, persistent and confident. It’s important to ignore your detractors and keep going when you are faced with hardship or failure. Being persistent means putting one foot in front of the other, no matter what.


We should be open to other people’s ideas and maintain positive attitudes so that we can contribute to establishing an atmosphere of mutual trust. There should not be suspicion or complaints. It’s important to solve problems by seeking common ground while accepting each other’s differences.


A solid foundation for being more effective, and more collaborative at work. With the team-member’s knowledge combined, we possess high work efficiency and the ability to deal with problems all while creating a friendly and enjoyable work environment.

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