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KLS company News    

No.Publish Date Title
1October 19, 2016KLS In Munich Electronics Show (Time:November 8-11,2016)
2April 29, 2016KLS In India Electronics Show (Time:2016-9-21~2016-09-23)
3February 18, 2016KLS In Russian Electronics Show.(Time:2016-3-15~2016-03-17)
4March 3, 2015KLS In India Electronics Show Time: September 09-11,2015.
5January 17, 2015Welcome to KLS In RUSSIA Electronics Show.(Time:2015-03-24~2015-03-26)
6August 29, 2014KLS In Germany Electronics Show.(Time:2014-11-11~2014-11-14)
7November 14, 2013KLS has been granted ISO9001 management system certifications.
8March 15, 2013KLS In Brazil Electronics Show.(Time:2013-04-01~2013-04-05)
9March 15, 2013KLS In Russian Electronics Show.(Time:2013-3-26~2013-03-28)
10February 4, 2013KLS Holiday Notice 2013!
11December 26, 2012KLS all staff wish you merry christmas and happy 2013 new year!
12November 26, 2012KLS In Turkey Electronics Show Time: 29 November ~ 2 December 2012.
13July 8, 2012KLS Corporate Activities: Climb Jiufeng Mountain
14April 15, 2012KLS In Ukraine Electronics Show
15April 10, 2012KLS In Russian Electronics Show
16March 18, 2012KLS 10 Anniversary Celebration
17December 25, 2011KLS Corporate Activities: Annual dinner
18November 17, 2011KLS Corporate Activities: Badminton match
19September 3, 2011KLS Corporate Activities: Chef contest
20June 12, 2011KLS Corporate Activities: Hainan Travel
21May 7, 2011KLS Corporate Activities: Reading Club
22April 24, 2010KLS Corporate Activities: Badminton match
23September 12, 2009KLS Corporate Activities: Taohua Island travel Travel
24September 6, 2008KLS Corporate Activities: Yunnan Travel
25October 10, 2007KLS Corporate Activities: Lantau Peak Travel
26July 15, 2006KLS Corporate Activities: Pluck Red Bay
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